Tara has been horse crazy since the day she was born.


Tara attended pony club, mini shows and then extensively trekked the Otago region and beyond. She became hooked on barrel racing in her teens which really spurred her into bodywork and becoming educated in the need for all aspects of horse care and training to be perfect to get those perfect performances. Tara also competed in in-hand classes with miniatures, welsh ponies and full-size broodmares, western riding, A&P's, show jumping for fun and roping.

Tara has enjoyed breeding crossbred sport horses, purebred welsh ponies and miniatures as a hobby along with starting horses under saddle and taking on ‘problem’ horses to work with- 90% of those problems have been pain-related with the other 10% being the horses simply not understanding what is been asked of them.

Tara’s last 10 years have been dedicated to learning about the needs of horses and what is naturally the best management and treatment systems for them to succeed in long lasting health and performance. Tara has always taken every possible course/clinic/workshop/field trip that has come her way and she feels this has given her a very broad and open-minded approach to all facets of horse care and rehabilitation. 

Tara is a member of HOOFNZ, she has completed the Level 3 Equine Touch certificate, done multiple short courses in massage, completed whole horse dissection classes as well as running her own.

Tara has been in the outback researching brumbies, worked at veterinary centres and on farms, worked with multiple other body worker professionals (chiropractors, osteopaths, cranial sacral therapists, Bowen therapists, laser therapists, saddle fitters, herbalists, trimmers and farriers) and has completed Aprils Battles Equine Musculoskeletal Equine Unwinding Course- plus a workshop for dogs.

She is currently furthering her knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure and Cranial sacral therapy.

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Goose is much more relaxed - moving much more freer and a lot more forward going. He is definitely much better for the sessions and you can see how much happier he feels. I would recommend Tara and Equine Touch for any horse.

- L. Alcott